We are empowering a generation of boys and young men with the skills, courage and character to reach their greatest human potential.

How The Man Cave Works

Our workshops create a safe space for courageous conversations that:


‘Traditionally’ held views of masculinity, the influence of mass media, the behaviour role-modelled around them, and the impacts of social pressures on identity, mental health and relationships.


The boys and young men to be actively present, to be vulnerable and real, to build authentic relationships, and positively impact the world around them.


Their personal sense of self, of place and their abilities to make choices that positively impact their journey to lead a life of connection, purpose and positive impact.

“The Man Cave workshops had an amazingly positive impact on our students. Their ability to hold a space where each boy felt safe to be vulnerable, show empathy and share his feelings. This will benefit them and will show with positive ripple effects through our school community.”- Matthew Houniet – Co-ordinator of Personal Development, Melbourne Grammar School
“Every boy should have the opportunity to hear what Hunter has to say, to experience what he has to offer, as it will change his life. Hunters work is ground breaking, brave and he is bringing males of Australia into the future. This is one presentation I didn't want to end and I left thinking of how I could get every male in my life along to see Hunter and his team.”- Hayley Warren – CEO and Founder of HALO Medical Devices, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Having The Man Cave come along to our school to work with our Year 9 & 10 boys couldn’t have come at a better time. Building the emotional intelligence of young males in order to survive the ever-present and unhealthy perceptions of masculinity has for too long been thrown into the too hard basket – especially in remote country towns! These two gentleman are single-handedly changing people’s lives! Thanks to you both!!!- Brett Pedlow – Principal, Yarram Secondary College

Our Approach

We are experts in youth-engagement strategies and facilitation

Our programs are tailored to suit each group’s specific outcomes

We combine evidence-based research with emotional connection

Our work is primary prevention and provide students with tangible skills

Our programs are co-designed with mental health experts and young people

We aim for long-term engagement and positive behaviour change

As Seen In



Males are significantly impacted by poor mental health and this is highlighted by one in five boys likely to experience depression before they are 18. To make matters worse, suicide is the leading cause of death for young men under the age of 25 with three quarters of suicides by men. Furthermore, over 90% of sexual abuse and 95% of domestic violence is committed by men.

Many seem to accept that boys and young men simply aren’t good at taking action for their health. At HeadQuarters Australia, we don’t​.

We believe that equipping boys with the right skills, tools and resources, it is possible to create a movement of respectful, open, empowered and compassionate young men.

We believe that boys and young men will be engaged if we build programs and services that understand their needs; that utilise a “go to where males are” approach; and build on their strengths rather than focus on deficits.

We want to help boys and men to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. We are investing in them to build the relationships they want and need, so they can stay mentally and physically well.

At The Man Cave, we are often asked “what programs do you run for girls and young women?”

This particular program of HeadQuarters Australia focuses on the successful development of boys and young men aged 13 – 18 years. We are currently developing a young women’s empowerment program, led by two incredible female leaders (please stay tuned!).

We are able to customise our programs to suit a diverse group of young people from all backgrounds and genders – please head to our Thought Leadership & Consulting page.

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