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What we do

At The Man Cave, we believe it is incredibly important to be actively developing greater self-awareness and creating healthy perceptions about personal identity, gender, and mental health to support the development of young people through the turbulent times of life.

Our goal is to see all young people live a life of connection, purpose and positive impact. To achieve this, we believe that young people need:

Connection; to self, others and the community.
Purpose; growth and agency in their own lives.
Significance; individual spirit, meaning and self-worth.
Contribution; giving back to community.
Practical skills; social and emotional tools to navigate the complexities of life.

We believe that equipping young people with the right skills, tools and resources, it is possible to create a movement of respectful, open, empowered and inspired young Australians.

Focus Points

Specifically, our workshops operate through a positive-psychology lens and focus on:

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Identify positive representations of male characters in life, film and television



Creating a stronger connection to self, groups and communities through empathy, motivation and raising awareness of support services available for young people



Participants develop positive self-concepts and healthy interpersonal relationships through positive psychology principles



Define key terminology of gender socialisation including stereotyping, gender identities, masculinity and femininity



Understand the history of masculinity and the way gender identities are shaped by society, culture and the media



Develop practical emotional tools that will result in long-term positive behaviour

School Programs

As each school or community group is different in their needs, we are able to tailor engaging and impactful school programs to focus on the specific outcomes you require. Alternatively, we are able to deliver our own specific workshops that have proven results. These school workshops focus on exploring:

  • The narrow confines of masculinity
  • Authentic story sharing
  • Positive mental health
  • Respectful relationships
  • Gender equality
  • Unconscious bias
  • Success in school and life

Please contact us regarding costs for school workshops.

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Our unique approach achieves the greatest impact through residential camps. We are happy to customise the following camps to suit our audience:

Bravehearts – an overnight camp for boys aged 8-12 years with father figures. This camp provides an incredible opportunity for male role models to form important connections that will guide the boys through their teenage years.

Men of Honour – a 2 or 3 day camp for boys aged 13-16 years with father figures. This camp will have boys and their father/male mentors intimately connected with a strong sense of what kind of relationship they want to create in the future.

Next Gen Leadership – a 3 day/2 night camp aimed at school and sporting club leaders in years 11-12. Students and sporting teams are given practical skills and strategies to positively influence their communities and leave a lasting legacy.

For more information on any of the camps, get in touch.

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Thought Leadership
& Consulting

As experts in design and delivery of transformative personal and professional development programs, our team provides customised services to suit specific school, sporting club or community needs.

We are able to customise our programs to suit a diverse group of young people from all backgrounds and genders.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for the group we are working with, we utilise a design thinking approach and build our programs through 5 phases.

To find out more about our process, download the pdf. Or, please get in touch with us if you would like a customised Leadership Program.

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“A wonderful program that has left a lasting impression on the young men’s lives.”

– School Psychologist, Rosebery Middle College.

The Man Cave has engaged more than 2,500 boys & young men in workshops across Australia

Reported that they ‘strongly agree’ that they have the tools to maintain and improve their emotional wellbeing.

Reported that they ‘strongly agree’ that they understand the history of masculinity and role the media plays in shaping our beliefs of what it means ‘to be a man’.

Reported they would ‘strongly recommend’ The Man Cave to their peers.

Would you like to be a facilitator?

Designed for a diverse group of facilitators (of all genders) that have completed the Man Cave Leadership
Training program and wish to assist on future camps to learn more about the work and processes.