What the boys have to say about our programs

In 50 words or less to describe your experience today….

“A fun day to learn about what being a ‘MAN’ really means.”
“Valuable experience in both mental health and general attitude and wellbeing, the program really allowed everyone to express their inner self.”
“I am now inspired to support others more, and keep growing to become the man I am inspired to be.”
“The Man Cave was a really powerful experience. It taught me how to respect others and how my emotions work.”
“Today was a magical experience, one that you would have to be stupid to pass up.”
“Today has been an emotional day for me because it has been the first time I have opened up ever.”
“My experience to day has been one to remember. I feel I have changed already. This program really makes you become a better person. Thank you for making me a better person.”
“Such an eye opener and I am so grateful that you guys have come.”
“My experience was incredible. It really helped me recognise who I am and who I want to become.”

“Today was an incredibly invaluable experience for me. I have gained so much and learnt so much about myself and about others. I will use this to strengthen my relationships with others and further my caring for other people.”

Email from a parent

I am writing to give my feedback on the personal development day held for the year 8 boys yesterday on June 15th.

My son XX has been a student at XXX since prep and as a 14 year old boy can be described as ‘still waters run deep’. With two older sisters and a mum studying a bachelor in Counselling we have always been an emotionally expressive family, however XX has never been quite able to articulate his emotions, even though he has more recently become aware of feeling them. As we recently were exposed to an emotional incidence on the weekend, of helping an 18 year old boy dear to my daughter and coincidentally an ex XXX student, who had taken an overdose as he was unable to express his despair to his parents, I had been having conversations with XX about the importance of sharing how he feels. The boy is ok thank god.

When XX came home last night so expressive and willing to share I was so grateful and proud the school and its support and awareness of a very serious and vitally important challenge that boys in particular struggle with. XX was particularly affected by the ‘mask’ exercise and the emotion, courage and honesty of his peers. His awareness of the fact that he was not alone with conflicting feelings of anxiety and a desire to fit in and be accepted taught him more in that one exercise than I could ever have hoped to achieve. As he openly discussed over dinner his mask that he presents to the world and what he hides I could not believe the change in his dialogue and I can’t thank you and the teachers involved enough for creating and backing such a vital, enriching and effective curriculum.
Thank you again.

“My experience today has been great and I have learnt heaps about myself and other people. I have found it really great and I would love to take part in more of these classes because they are an integral part of any boy’s life.”