Future Facilitators

Facilitation Training

We are incredibly passionate about the power, impact and importance of facilitation.
Over the past five years, we have trained over 80 young leaders in transformational facilitation work.

The Future Facilitator program focuses on the specific development of interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills for growth-minded people, of all genders, aged 18 – 30 years. As part of this training we dive into principles of authentic leadership, effective communication, emotional intelligence, strengths-based training and experiential learning.

The program will develop your skills in public speaking, facilitation and youth engagement strategies to powerfully work with diverse groups of young people. It will connect you with an inspiring, like-minded, community committed to empowering the next generation of young people.

This program is available to anyone aged 18 – 30 years who is passionate about further developing their facilitation capabilities. Past program participants have ranged from Sports and Organisational Psychologists, Life Coaches, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Workers, Teachers and passionate Young Leaders.

This is an application process, however, we request that you please hold the dates of the training weekend in your calendars to ensure you are able to attend the training weekend as required.

The training weekend will be held at a location within 1 hours drive from Melbourne, location to be disclosed shortly.

Applications Closed!

Places are strictly limited and based on the success of 2017, we recommend getting in quick!

Please note: this is not a specific facilitation training program to become a facilitator of The Man Cave. It is a general facilitation development opportunity for passionate young leaders to upskill their own communication capabilities.

Program Outcomes

  • How to be an extraordinary facilitator of Rites of Passage workshops and camps
  • How to powerfully communicate to small and large groups
  • Cultivating deeper self awareness, compassion and confidence
  • Building emotional resilience and facilitation micro-skills
  • Understand how to structure workshops
  • How to create community and connection with groups
  • How to develop your authentic leadership style


Application Period

  • Open: Wednesday 14th March
  • Close: 5pm Monday 2nd April

Interview Period:

  • Tuesday 3rd April – Sunday 8th April

Training Weekend #1: 20th – 22nd April

  • Start: Friday 7pm 20th April
  • Finish: Sunday 4pm 22nd April


  • Training Weekend: $350 – incl. food, accommodation, resources and facilitation training.

We have upfront and payment plan options available.

“I am most grateful for the amazing, inspiring people who I have met here. This training program is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I've seen so much internal human beauty here.”- 2017 Future Facilitator
“I got the realisation of what is most important in my life. With this program I believe I have reconnected with myself and my purpose. Thank you for bringing me to that. I could have forgotten this for years.”- 2017 Future Facilitator
“Once again another amazing weekend for me, I learnt a lot about myself and really enjoyed the chance to get to know others and have fun challenges along the way.” - 2017 Future Facilitator
“I'm so grateful for how this program built me as a leader. Now I feel that I am going to change the world by helping people live their lives happily and peacefully.”- 2017 Future Facilitator
“I loved the connection with every member of the group and the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people. I'm also incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to fully develop my skills in presentation and facilitation and to be fully confident in my ability in this.”- 2017 Future Facilitator
“Safe, inclusive, and supportive community of like-minded people and grateful to learn from three very supportive and experienced facilitators.”- 2017 Future Facilitator