The Art of Engaging Boys

This training program will provide you with the unique tools and techniques we use at the Man Cave when working with and talking to boys and young men.

We share the theory, tools and mindsets that our world-class facilitators use in our impactful programs so that you will be empowered to continue the magic as you engage with them.

Our experiential training is designed as a personal and professional experience. It contains practical insights and tools to assist the development of anyone wanting to build better connections and outcomes with the boys they work with.

Our expert facilitators’ will cover:


  1. The Psychology of boys and their Journey to Adulthood

  2. How to run deeply transformational sessions

  3. How to create an environment that boys want to engage with

  4. Using your strengths to their full effect.

  5. Shared wisdom and experience from others.

In Person

We are excited to be bringing this program to Sydney for the first time on 15th July 2021

Our next 1 day Victorian program will be run 21st July 2021 at our office in Collingwood

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Can’t make it in person? We offer this as a self-paced online program that you can you start anytime.



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What’s going on for boys…

and what can we do about it?

This interactive 90min keynote presentation outlines the current challenges teenage boys are facing and some of the key tools, strategies and mindsets that The Man Cave facilitators use to combat these and facilitate boys’ journey to manhood.

Our presenters set the context of what our facilitators are seeing in the workshops we run with teenage boys and outline the current challenges we believe boys are facing.

We cover some key insights and original research on:
– What’s going on with boys right now
– What’s happening in a teenage brain
– The key principles that govern how we address challenging behaviours and mindsets

Knowledge Sharing
We then provide some practical strategies and mindsets that we find work in relation to engaging boys in meaningful conversations and allow them to explore their identity and develop better relationships with those around them

Through some interactive reflection and sharing activities our presenters give you an opportunity to share and learn from each other as well as having the opportunity to apply some of the principles covered.

We then provide some different scenarios that we often see and provide an insight into some of the tools our facilitators use for approaching and managing these situations.


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If you are interested in having our training team visit your school or organisation please contact us to discuss further