We are a partner-powered organisation and couldn’t do the amazing work without their support!

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''Fantastic day. I was especially impressed how relatable the presenters were and how every story shared was linked to a theme or concept for that session, and how they linked the entire program together at the end. Very very well done!''- School Teacher
''The facilitators connected with the boys in a powerful way. They were conscious of the multitude of personalities present in the room and gently, but effectively, drew each one of them out. The young men were encouraged to speak up in ways that they had not previously thought possible, reaching new goals of openness and emotional awareness.''- Head of Teaching and Learning
''The facilitators captured the young men's attention through fun and engaging workshops which saw them participate with enthusiasm and a purpose in a safe environment which allowed the young men to be themselves. This was evident throughout the day with 100% participation rate including meditation workshops.''- Assistant Principal
''A wonderful program that has left a lasting impression on the young men's lives.''- School Teacher


This is just a small cross section of all the incredible schools we have worked with.