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What we do

At The Man Cave, we believe it is incredibly important to be actively developing greater self-awareness and creating healthy perceptions about personal identity, gender, and mental health to support the development of young people through the turbulent times of life.

Our goal is to see all young people live a life of connection, purpose and positive impact. To achieve this, we believe that young people need:

Connection; to self, others and the community.
Purpose; growth and agency in their own lives.
Significance; individual spirit, meaning and self-worth.
Contribution; giving back to community.
Practical skills; social and emotional tools to navigate the complexities of life.

We believe that equipping young people with the right skills, tools and resources, it is possible to create a movement of respectful, open, empowered and inspired young Australians.

Focus Points

Many seem to accept that boys and young men simply aren’t good at taking action to improve their health. At The Man Cave, we don’t.

We are experts in youth-work. Our team has collectively worked with over 50,000 young people across the world, supporting them to live happier and healthier lives.

Specifically, our workshops operate through a positive-psychology lens and focus on:

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Identify positive representations of male characters in life, film and television



Creating a stronger connection to self, groups and communities through empathy, motivation and raising awareness of support services available for young people



Participants develop positive self-concepts and healthy interpersonal relationships through positive psychology principles



Define key terminology of gender socialisation including stereotyping, gender identities, masculinity and femininity



Understand the history of masculinity and the way gender identities are shaped by society, culture and the media



Develop practical emotional tools that will result in long-term positive behaviour

Our Programs

We utilise a community-centric model and aim for a holistic approach working with schools and communities.

We use highly trained, relatable and charismatic facilitators to deliver the following programs:

School Workshops

Our impactful workshops introduce the importance of positive mental health, respectful relationships, authentic story-sharing, vulnerability and connection, and empower the boys to create a compelling vision for the man they are becoming.


We do not provide independent programs, one-on-one counselling or therapy and only work with schools at this stage.

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This PD program equips teachers with an in-depth understanding of The Man Cave methodology and specifically equips teachers in the following areas:

  • Learning the art of creating safe spaces for authentic sharing;
  • Understanding psychological Archetypes in a classroom setting;
  • Learning how to implement principles of powerful facilitation to complement any teaching style;
  • Learning proven methods for dealing with challenging students;
  • Acquiring tools to have effective and useful emotional conversations with students;
  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of the inner lives of young men; and
  • Learning how to build community and peer support within a classroom and school environment.
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This seminar equips parents with an in-depth understanding of The Man Cave methodology and specifically equips them in the following areas:

  • Understanding the vital role parents play in creating a safe space where boys can thrive;
  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of the inner (often hidden) lives of young men;
  • Helping young men navigate the challenges of high school;
  • How to communicate with boys to get the best outcomes for them;
  • How to foster more meaningful relationships, trust and communication with young men;
  • How to help boys effectively transition from boyhood to manhood.
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We are booked out for camps for 2018, but please sign up to our mailing list to stay updated about our openings for 2019 camps.

Our deepest impact occurs on 3 day Camps. By separating the boys from their ‘normal’ world, we create a safe space that allows them to explore their personal identity, what really matters to them and who they want to become in their lives.

We only deliver camps within existing school settings or as part of a wider school camp. At this stage, we do not conduct our own independent camps.

We also deliver 24 hour Father/Son Camps which forge a powerful and lasting bond between the participants.

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“A wonderful program that has left a lasting impression on the young men’s lives.”

– School Psychologist, Rosebery Middle College.

The Man Cave has engaged more than 8,000 boys & young men in workshops across Australia

Reported that they ‘strongly agree’ that they have the tools to maintain and improve their emotional wellbeing.

Reported that they ‘strongly agree’ that they understand the history of masculinity and role the media plays in shaping our beliefs of what it means ‘to be a man’.

Reported they would ‘strongly recommend’ The Man Cave to their peers.

Would you like to be a facilitator?

Designed for a diverse group of facilitators (of all genders) that have completed the Man Cave Leadership
Training program and wish to assist on future camps to learn more about the work and processes.