“It was life-changing & something I’ll never forget. Australia needs more groups like you.”

Year 8 Student

Compare any school, workplace or sporting club to what they were five years ago and you’ll realise just how much our world has changed.

So who’s giving the next generation of Australian men the skills to grow and succeed?

At The Man Cave, we work with young men, aged 12 to 16, and their communities to give them the skills to lead happier and healthier lives. Specifically, our programs foster healthy masculinity, positive mental health, respectful relationships and gender equality.

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  • Who do you want to be when you grow up?

    Is it possible we’ve been asking young people the wrong question all this time? Instead of asking what they want to become professionally, shouldn’t we be asking who they want to be personally? Read More

  • We’re redefining the journey to manhood.

    After working with thousands of boys and men across the country, we’ve seen that many men feel uncertain about their identity. Society seems to be very good at telling men what they can’t do, but not very good at showing them who they could be. The truth is no one should ever feel ashamed to be themselves, men included. Read More

“One of the best wellbeing programs I have seen for young males.”

– Roseberry Middle School Psychologist


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