Our Programs

Our key focus is on creating long-term sustainable behaviour change in young men and their communities.

This means that our programs involve a deep level of engagement and commitment from everyone involved. We also know from our work with tens of thousands of young men and communities across Australia, that working with the same group over multiple years is critical to embedding positive behaviour change.

Below you’ll find our program options.

Introductory Program (One Day)

We don’t think the challenges that young men face today can be solved with a 45 minute powerpoint presentation.

For that reason, our introduction workshops goes for a whole school day and acts as a circuit-breaker for the boys. Each workshops can be run with up to 40 boys in one space, either on school campus or at an offsite location. All of these programs are delivered by 3 facilitators who create an engaging, safe and at times challenging space for the boys. It is critical that the boys’ teachers participate in the workshop, while we also provide online resources to prepare and support parents.

In summary, this program:

• Takes up a full school day
• Can be hosted offsite or on school grounds (the best spaces are open, with chairs able to be moved, auditoriums are not suitable)
• Teachers’ attendance and engagement is critical
• Parents are provided online support resources
• No other preparation required

Please note, we provide all materials required on the day and take responsibility for the behaviour management of the boys in our programs. And that’s it! Once you’re in the room, our facilitators will work closely with you to make it an incredible experience.

Please contact us to discuss costs for larger group sizes.

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“It was life changing and something I’ll never forget.”

Kurnai College Student

Journey to Manhood Program

The Journey to Manhood Program provides boys with the greatest chance of becoming healthy young men and avoiding potentially destructive behaviour. This program builds on our introductory workshop and covers key developmental topics such as relationship with self, respectful relationships with others, personal purpose and how boys want to contribute to their communities.

The program involves:

• Four workshops over the year that follow an evidence-based curriculum focused on self, relationships, community and social action;

• Supporting online resources for boys, parents, and teachers;

• Detailed evaluation tracking progress

This program will redefine the journey to manhood for your young men, and create a point in time where the boys can be safely transitioned to healthy young men. Naturally, this program requires a deep level of commitment from the school, teachers and parents.

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It takes a village to raise a child

Integral to the success of our programs is a community-centric approach. We know that the healthy growth of a young man, or any young person, is heavily influenced by the adults and community around them. If we want our boys to grow into healthy young men, the whole community must be involved.

In fact, adults and the community must grow themselves to enable the growth of a young man. For this reason, all of our programs are supported by engaging online resources provided to parents and teachers of the boys before and after the program. These provide the tools and knowledge to better support their young men through the experience and through life, all with the ultimate aim of creating an empowering journey to manhood.

We are currently building independent programs for parents and teachers, so please stay connected with us to stay informed.