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Right now, there is no clear Rite of Passage for boys into manhood. Because of this, boys often initiate themselves into manhood, which usually results in risk-taking behaviour to prove their masculinity (eg. binge drinking, objectifying women or train surfing).

The purpose of our programs, is to fill this gap. To provide boys with a safe, healthy and contained Rite of Passage into manhood. Our programs are designed to be transformational, and to support the psychological and emotional development of a boy, so he can become a healthy young man. This is how we’re redefining the journey to manhood.

We have taken more than 50,000 boys across Australia through our full-day workshops using playful, inclusive and collaborative tools and approaches that fully engage boys in the program.

95% of all the boys we have worked with would recommend our program to their mates. That’s pretty amazing for a program that asks boys to talk openly about their emotions and is the result of our approach and the presence of our facilitator role models.

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*We currently deliver in-school programs in Victoria and NSW. We also offer other programs for teachers, educators, schools, parents and adults around the country. Find more information below.

Redefining the journey to manhood

We fundamentally believe that these early intervention programs can limit toxic masculinity and reduce rates of anxiety and depression that often lead to the prevalent outcomes of suicide and domestic abuse we see in our society.

The programs below bring our vision to life, and equip boys with the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours necessary for them to realise their full potential, build healthy relationships and take positive action in their communities.




Workshop 1 – Realising my Potential

Boys create their own unique version of healthy masculinity by understanding how gender norms have shaped their perspectives to this point, before being given the choice to grow beyond that. Exploration of personal identity, their unique strengths, how to care for themselves and what their values are, all add up to them understanding how they can reach their full potential. In the full-day workshop, boys will:

  • Learn how gender stereotypes impact their attitudes and behaviour
  • Meet our diverse male and non-binary facilitators
  • Learn to constructively express their thoughts and feelings
  • Connect to their values and strengths
  • Leave with tools and resources to support their personal wellbeing
  • Define values-based vision for the man they want to become




Workshop 2 – Building Respectful Relationships

This workshop guides boys on how to build healthy relationships across all domains of their life. This section explores how to support others, empathy, conflict resolution, expressing needs, power/privilege and integrity. In this workshop, boys will:

  • Explore what defines a respectful relationship, especially with women
  • Consider the quality of their own relationships
  • Take responsibility for the impact of their words or actions on other
  • Learn to empathise with each others personal stories
  • Learn to manage and resolve conflict without violence
  • Improve the quality of their relationships with each other




Workshop 3 – Leading in the Community

This workshop completes The Man Cave journey to Manhood, and challenges the boys to consider how they will uniquely contribute to their community and the world. In this workshop, boys will:

  • Define the values and actions they want to lead by
  • Be challenged on how they lead in their community
  • Identify the unique needs of their school community
  • Define tangible actions they plan to take in contributing to their community
  • Have their Man Cave experience closed, and be challenged to mentor the next generation


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The Results

Our programs have been designed in consultation with young men, Psychologists, and mental health experts to safely and reliably create an attitudinal and behavioural shift in the boys that participate.


The feedback from 50,000+ boys demonstrates how successful our programs are:

• 95% would recommend our program to other young men

• 98% think our facilitators are awesome

• 94% of boys rate our workshops 4 or 5 out of 5


Ernst & Young have also independently evaluated our programs and endorsed our programs for creating significant positive change for boys, parents and teachers, especially when compared to other similar interventions.

“It was life changing and something I’ll never forget.”

Kurnai College Student



Working With Boys is a self-paced, self-directed online Professional Development course designed to empower educators in engaging with teenage boys in healthy, constructive ways. It provides eight hours of PD. Learn more here.


Taking a whole-school approach that is tailored to the specific needs of each school community, Transform helps students to develop a strong set of 21st century life skills, to feel part of a thriving community, and to engage in healthy Rites of Passage. Learn more here.


Movember SpeakEasy workshops, delivered in partnership with Movember, are ideal for workplaces, organisations and groups looking to build stronger connections amongst their people. These 90-minute face-to-face and online workshops help build skills to support the people around you and get the help you need, when you need it. Learn more here.


We also offer keynote addresses for parents, teachers and staff. These 60-minute face-to-face or online sessions provide context for what’s going on in the world of young men, and actionable takeaways to improve engagement. Learn more by booking a meeting with our Programs Team.

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“Experts at creating a safe space for sharing deep feelings and thoughts” – AIME Mentor


“Whatever you did has worked, so we need a lot more of that please.” – Kurnai College Morwell parent


“Amazing, demonstrated techniques to assist with trauma without the boys shutting down.” – Sandringham College teacher


“A great experience that pushed me in many different ways… the way they combined more traditional training to articulate conceptual aspects of the program with really involved experiential learning was awesome!” – Newly recruited Man Cave facilitator