Our Programs

Working with young men through our programs is the most important thing we do.

The purpose of all our programs is to support the psychological and emotional development of a boy, so he can become a healthy young man.

We have taken more than 16,000 boys across Australia through our full-day workshops using playful, inclusive and collaborative tools and approaches that fully engage boys in the program.

95% of all the boys we have worked with would recommend our program to their mates. That’s pretty amazing for a program that asks boys to talk openly about their emotions and is the result of our approach and the presence of our facilitator role models.

You’ll find more information about our programs below.

We are currently based in Australia and are working on offering our programs overseas. If you’d like to stay informed about opportunities to work with us, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

Journey to Manhood Program for boys

The Journey to Manhood Program is our core program and provides boys with the greatest chance of becoming healthy young men. We fundamentally believe that this early intervention program for boys can limit toxic masculinity and reduce rates of anxiety and depression that often lead to the prevalent outcomes of suicide and domestic abuse we see in our society. This program brings our vision to life, and equips boys with the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours necessary for them to realise their full potential, build healthy relationships and take positive action in their communities.

Over 3 full-day high impact workshop experiences, supported by our engaging online resources and content, your boys will:

• Develop their ‘emotional muscle’ and learn how to process and talk about their feelings, thoughts and emotions

• Develop skills and tools for supporting their mates and for building healthy relationships with each other, including women and people from diverse backgrounds

• Learn how to create their own, strengths-based version of healthy masculinity

• Learn to take responsibility for their actions and the impact they have on others

• Learn how to empower others through a strengths-based lens, including expressing gratitude or support for each other

This program has been designed in consultation with young men, Psychologists, and mental health experts to safely and reliably create an attitudinal and behavioral shift in the boys that participate.

The Results

The feedback from 16,000+ boys demonstrates how successful our programs are:

• 95% would recommend our program to other young men

• 98% think our facilitators are awesome

• 94% of boys rate our workshops 4 or 5 out of 5


Ernst & Young have also independently evaluated our programs and endorsed our programs for creating significant positive change for boys, parents and teachers, especially when compared to other similar interventions.

“It was life changing and something I’ll never forget.”

Kurnai College Student

Facilitation Training for Educators

Since the very beginning, The Man Cave has developed and refined a training program that has consistently produced highly-relatable and skilled facilitators. We don’t think we can do this work alone, and we know that so many of you want to understand how we approach this work. So, if you’re a teacher, a sports coach, a camp leader, or simply an adult that wants to be a better role model for young men, this training is for you. The program is adaptable and is designed to meet your professional development needs. In this engaging and interactive program, you will meet and work with our senior facilitators and:

• Learn how you can play a role in supporting the development of healthy young men, wherever you work.

• Learn the key behaviour management principles we use to effectively relate to and engage with young men.

• Learn and apply our Facilitation Model, with a particular focus on adapting it to your own circumstances (including Zoom and online learning).

• Become part of a like-minded community and gain access to an exclusive Facebook group where we will continue to share information with you.

This program will be delivered online. If you’re interested, please contact us.

“Experts at creating a safe space for sharing deep feelings and thoughts” – AIME Mentor


“Whatever you did has worked, so we need a lot more of that please.” – Kurnai College Morwell parent


“Amazing, demonstrated techniques to assist with trauma without the boys shutting down.” – Sandringham College teacher


“A great experience that pushed me in many different ways… the way they combined more traditional training to articulate conceptual aspects of the program with really involved experiential learning was awesome!” – Newly recruited Man Cave facilitator