Talking to Teenagers about Affirmative Consent

In a fast-paced world with endless streams of information and content in their pockets, young people are more aware of and tuned in to conversations about sex, sexuality, consent and gender than ever before. So how do we, the adults, parents, educators and role models in their lives, talk about these subjects with them?

Is This OK?? Talking to Teenagers about Affirmative Consent is a four-part podcast series providing tools, tips and techniques to help you support young people to understand affirmative consent. The young people in our lives may not always feel comfortable broaching this topic with us – and vice versa – but that doesn’t mean the conversation can’t be had.

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Dive into this podcast series to learn ways of having the conversation that invites young people in. Your host is the lovely Lindsay Marchment, a Senior Facilitator and Project Coordinator at The Man Cave (and an all-round legend).

Brought to you by The Man Cave, a preventative mental health charity empowering communities to raise generations of healthy young men, this podcast series follows our innovative four-part Twitch series Is This OK??, which explored the topic of affirmative consent with young people live on video streaming platform Twitch in 2023. (And, stay tuned for Series 2, airing on Twitch later in 2024!)

We were joined by our amazing, expert partners in AIME (Indigenous youth mentoring), Minus18 (LGBTQIA+ youth empowerment) and Elephant Ed (consent and sex education), who also join us in this podcast series to look at the topic of affirmative consent and youth empowerment from a truly intersectional lens.

Is This OK?? is supported by the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, through its Supporting Young People to Understand Affirmative Consent initiative.

Check out this highlight reel from Is This OK?? Series 1!

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