Let’s talk about consent.

Is This OK?? is a four-week affirmative consent program delivered through The Cave on Twitch, Man Cave’s official digital aftercare platform.

It is designed to educate teenage boys on respect, healthy relationships and consent, and the new affirmative consent model that is now law in Victoria, and will help young people develop an early understanding of affirmative consent and how they can and must seek it as they become sexually active.

Ever had an awkward conversation with a young person in your life about consent? Send them to The Cave on Twitch for Is This OK??

Kicking off on Thursday 2nd November, Is This OK?? will be the place where facilitators from Man Cave, AIME, Minus18 and Elephant Ed talk all about consent, chatting with young people, rather than about them. There will be game shows, giveaways, live Q&A sessions and much more.

The episodes of Is This OK?? will be streamed live on
The Cave on Twitch at 6pm on the following dates:
• Thursday 2nd November
• Thursday 9th November
• Thursday 16th November
• Thursday 23rd November

Young people are more aware of, informed of and finely tuned to conversations about sex, sexuality and gender than ever before. They have more questions than ever and many are looking for answers, and they may not feel comfortable broaching this topic with parents or educators.

Led by Man Cave, it will be delivered in collaboration with fellow diverse youth organisations, including AIME (Indigenous youth mentoring), Minus18 (LGBTQIA+ youth empowerment) and Elephant Ed (consent and sex education). It is funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing through its Supporting Young People to Understand Affirmative Consent program.