We want boys to stop falling behind and become healthy leaders who contribute positively to their communities.

Working With Boys equips educators with the mindsets and tools to engage them in a healthy manner to shift the culture of the community.

What is Working With Boys?

Man Cave’s new Working With Boys is a self-paced, self-directed online Professional Development course designed to empower educators in engaging with teenage boys in healthy, constructive ways.

Working With Boys consists of modules containing videos and downloadable PDFs, including:

• Practical tools, techniques and lesson plans

• Insights into what’s really going on for boys right now

• Self-reflection exercises

• The 10 Mindsets of our Facilitators

The course takes approximately eight hours to complete, or the equivalent of a full day of Professional Development, and can be taken at an individual’s own pace. There are audio-only listening options available for all modules.

Lucy Barrat, our Product Manager and a teacher with over 10 years experience, provides an insight into what Working With Boys contains and how it will help you engage your students.

Why does Working With Boys exist?

Demand for Man Cave’s healthy masculinity programs is at an all-time high. We are sharing the unique approach that we take in these programs with educators looking for guidance on how they can better support their boys.

In recent years the challenges of working with boys have been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns, the increased social isolation of boys and the potential for exposure to extreme content and radicalisation online. Teachers consistently report that the boys have become increasingly disrespectful, especially towards female staff and students.

Working With Boys helps to address this challenge by sharing unique insights gathered from over 50,000 boys that Man Cave has worked with in more than 215 schools over the past decade. These insights inform the mindsets, language, tools, and techniques Man Cave facilitators utilise, which are shared in the course.

The benefits

• Actionable lesson plans and activities to empower educators

• New, highly effective mindsets and tools to engage teenage boys

• A detailed understanding of the worlds that teenage boys inhabit right now

• Positive culture shift between boys and teachers

Individual Enquiry

License: 1 user

Duration: 2 years

Price: $330 (GST inclusive)

Schools Enquiry

License: up to 50 users

Duration: 2 years

Price: Book a meeting below to discuss options for your school or group