Our Impact

The education system and the people within it are under immense strain. Young men are struggling to readjust to face-to-face schooling, teachers are leaving the industry, and the remit of what schools need to educate their students grows. In this Impact Report, you’ll learn how we’re engaging thousands of boys in these challenging times, and why there is a lot to be hopeful for in young people.

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Term 3, 2022 was a landmark term for many reasons at The Man Cave. We delivered 150+ workshops to over 5,500 young people across both VIC and NSW, our biggest term in history, empowered over 1,000 teachers and parents with tools and knowledge about how they can better engage young men, successfully built our digital community on Twitch and piloted corporate wellbeing programs in partnership with Movember.

“The program offered the boys in our year 10 cohort a great opportunity to open up and discuss the value of relationships as young men. In complete honesty, I will take these lessons from the workshop through the rest of my life and definitely believe more young Australian men deserve to learn them too.”

Hurlstone Agricultural High School teacher

Our Results

We have now taken over 50,000 boys across Australia through our full-day Man Cave workshops and they have given us the following feedback:


would recommend our program to other young men


think our facilitators are awesome


of boys rate our workshops 4 or 5 out of 5

“I found there are a lot more people I care about in our year level than I thought.”

St Brendan Shaw student

In August of 2019, we worked with Ernst & Young (EY) to conduct an independent review of the impact of our programs and to build an impact evaluation framework.

Because without knowing what’s working, how can we continue to improve? The best part is that EY found our programs to create significant positive change for boys, parents and teachers, especially when compared to other similar interventions:

“The Man Cave workshops result in materially significant improvements to mental health related outcomes. The workshops cultivate a deeper knowledge of mental health and wellbeing after one-day, and contribute to the development of meaningful relationships with family and peers.”

Specifically, a study of the boys reported the following


increase in the extent to which boys felt able to discuss their emotions and masculinities


increase in the extent to which boys felt they could trust one another and the workshop facilitators


increase in awareness of mental health and well-being.

After attending multiple workshops, the results for participants only continued to improve:


increase in the extent to which boys reported they were fostering meaningful relationships with their parents and peers


increase in the extent to which boys were articulating their emotional state on a regular basis.

“This workshop has possibly changed my life.”

Aged 13, Haileybury College