It’s an all too common story that we hear regularly, our boys are disengaged, our boys lack emotional maturity, our boys lack resilience, our boys can’t share their thoughts and emotions openly and honestly.

This is where we can help!

After working with over 17,000 boys across Australia, we have learned a thing or two about how to really engage boys in meaningful conversations. Because it’s these impactful moments that provide an opportunity for boys to reach their full potential, develop healthy relationship skills and pave their own path forward as thriving adults who contribute to their community.

We have seen the impact our programs can have in just a single day, but we recognise that to make lasting change, boys need the support of their entire community. The adults and role models that surround them help mold and shape their identity on a daily basis.

Man Cave Academy provides unique training programs that are designed to share our experience, learnings, and methods with adults in the lives of boys we work with so that they can continue our impact through conversations that make a difference.

We offer a range of personal and professional development opportunities for educators, parents, youth workers, coaches or anyone interested in supporting young people on their journey to adulthood.

These include:

– Online Self Paced Courses
– Face to Face Training Programs
– Keynote Presentations
– Resources

Here is what some of our previous participants have had to say…

“It really made me think very deeply about me as a person and what I bring to the table to support these lads. there were a couple of revelations and aha moments about my own personal development that I will definitely take away from this course.”


“It was extremely engaging and easy to follow”


“The journal reflections and the challenges..actually the whole course was structured in a way to really make you think about the fact that it is such a privilege to be able to do what we do.”


“..this is going to sound pretty dorky but i was a bit deflated when i actually finished it!”