Who is Andrew Tate and why do young men relate to him?

Andrew Tate has been described as the ‘Trump for Teenagers’. So who is he and what do young men really think about him? We decided to get a preliminary ‘pulse check’ on Tate and asked 1,300+ young men about their perspective – their responses are presented in this report.

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In late 2022, Andrew Tate became a household name for young men globally. As his following grew online, his followers and perspectives transferred to the physical world too. In particular, the influence of Tate and his views moved into Australian classrooms, leaving educators feeling frustrated, parents confused and young women feeling unsafe.

Our school program facilitators began to notice Tate’s increasing influence in classrooms with boys, while educators told us of their growing concerns. As an organisation that seeks to empower communities to raise generations of healthy young men, we wanted to find out more about Tate’s influence and impact, digging beyond the surface level. What is it about him and his perspectives that young men connect with, and what is it that they don’t like? Most importantly, what is this telling us about the current state of masculinity and what do we need to do moving forward?

In this third edition of our research series, we share the findings from a survey of 1,300+ young men conducted in late 2022. The findings paint a picture of why Andrew Tate is – or is not – resonating with young men, highlight a deeper need in young men that is not currently being met, and outline steps that can be taken to counter his influence. In partnership with Dr Katie Wood and Dr Catherine Orr from Swinburne University, we’re excited to share this research with you.


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