Do you remember one particular teacher that had an impact on you at school? Who saw potential in you worth investing in?

Educators have always been role-models and advocates in the lives of their students. You know better than anyone that school is not just about preparing young people for a job, but for all the opportunities and challenges that life will offer.

We recognise that you are on the frontline every day, devoting significant time and effort into seeing your students become the most successful young men they can possibly be.

We also know that you are one of the key academic and emotional supports within the school environment. However, you can’t always be social workers and psychologists as well as teachers.

“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Our goal is to support you in that mission and to make your job easier.

It is not about asking you to do more, it is about prioritising how you use your energy to make the biggest difference possible.

This is especially true given the pressures of your role in supporting academic progress, differentiating learning styles, marking, navigating poor behaviour and managing parent expectations.

And this is where our programs help.

What happens in The Man Cave?

When you step into The Man Cave, you’ll have a chance to see a different side of your students.

It’s also an opportunity to show a different side of yourself. We’ve seen some incredibly powerful moments where boys have acknowledged the commitment and courage of their teachers. We’ve also seen boys openly apologise to their teachers for the past behaviour. It’s inspiring stuff.

With the support of our expert facilitators, who will guide you through the day, we invite you to participate fully in the program as we’ve seen the benefits of doing so. Educators who have participated in The Man Cave have told us that they leave with:

• The knowledge that boys have a deeper respect for them as people
• An increased awareness of the challenges their boys are facing
• A deeper connection and trust with their boys
• New language, strategies and tools to better support their boys

As part of this, you will receive engaging online resources, before and after the program, that provide you with more detailed program information and supporting resources.

Learn more about our programs here.

“I now know that I can open up about things and be supported.”

Mount Scopus student

Professional Development

We know how important it is that whole school communities are invested in the development of their students. We also know the critical role you play as teachers and role models, and the impact you can have on a student’s life. For these reasons, we offer professional development to teaching staff in two main formats:

Immersive Keynote Presentations

These are typically delivered to all staff on Professional Development days at schools where we are already running our Man Cave program with the boys.

These presentations educate staff on the latest research about masculinity and mental health, provide a unique insight into the challenges facing our young men and provide strategies for engaging with boys in a positive and empowering way.

Independent Training (under development)

Due to overwhelming demand, we are developing this new training program.

The program will bring teachers together from diverse backgrounds and provide them with a deeply immersive experience held by our most senior facilitators.

Teachers will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the most effective communication methods to engage with young men, the archetypes they will encounter in a classroom and how best to motivate them, and additional theories that underpin the healthy development of an adolescent brain.


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