Hello Parents & Guardians!

We’re looking forward to working with your boys in The Man Cave soon! If you’re keen to know more about our programs, more is explained below.

Who facilitates the workshop?

Our workshops are delivered by expert facilitators who are relatable and embody diversity and inclusivity. These facilitators have collectively delivered programs to over 70,000 young people across Australia. They come from various backgrounds, representing various religions, socio-economic statuses, academic levels, ages, and urban and rural communities. This diverse representation allows our facilitators to uniquely connect with a broad spectrum of participants, fostering empathy, understanding, and meaningful connections. Additionally, all facilitators possess Working With Children Checks and have received training in trauma-informed practices and youth mental health.

Why do the Student Workshops exist?

The workshops are a preventative measure addressing the root causes of male suicide, mental ill-health and gender-based violence before negative attitudes and behaviours take hold. They are designed to equip young men with the tools to navigate their experiences and contribute positively to their communities.

What are the benefits of the Student Workshops?

Improved wellbeing and reduced rates of negative behaviours associated with outdated masculinity norms.

Transformative experiences for individuals and groups leading to personal and collective growth.

Exposure to and interaction with healthy and relatable role models.

Opportunities for students to express themselves authentically.

What do the boys think?

95% of the boys who engage with our programs recommend them to their peers.

86% gained a heightened understanding of how societal expectations around ‘being a man’ can negatively affect their mental health.

84% express a desire to redefine this stereotype and cultivate their unique version of healthy masculinity.


What’s explored in the Level 1 Student Workshop?

The Level 1 workshop begins The Man Cave experience, focusing on self-discovery. Through a series of age-appropriate activities and discussions, participants will expand their emotional literacy and understand the impact of outdated masculine norms on their mental health and interpersonal relationships.

Participants practise the Check-In tool, which fosters authentic emotional expression and builds awareness of others. The workshop culminates in recognising each others’ strengths and empowers participants to envision the person they wish to become.


What’s explored in the Level 2 Student Workshop?

The Level 2 workshop builds on the foundation of self-awareness established in Level 1, guiding participants towards cultivating healthy relationships with others. Through shared narratives and personal reflections, they recognise the evolving dynamics of relationships over time.

Participants practise the LEAD tool, (Listen, Empathise, Ask, Do), equipping them with practical tools to offer support and enhance the quality of their relationships. They engage in activities to foster empathetic understanding, including sharing powerful stories and acknowledging the strengths of others.


What’s explored in the Level 3 Student Workshop?

The Level 3 workshop builds on the self-awareness and interpersonal skills developed in Levels 1 and 2, focusing on the critical concept of boundaries. Participants will synthesise their understanding of self and others to effectively navigate and respect personal and relational boundaries.

In this workshop, participants will delve into the significance of boundaries, learning how to articulate their own and understand others. They will explore the impact of boundaries on individual wellbeing and group dynamics and gain strategies for addressing situations where boundaries are crossed, facilitating a transition from “out of bounds” to “playing on.” Through discussion and practical exercises, participants will leave the workshop equipped with the tools to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, enhancing their relationships and contributing to a positive group culture.

How can I best support my child?

Parents and carers often ask us how to help their children succeed. Ahead of our workshop, we’ve included a few key tips to prepare your child and ensure a great learning experience. When adults model positive attitudes and engage in meaningful conversations, it greatly impacts behaviour and understanding. Your participation is crucial in driving these positive changes.

Before the workshop…

Be Curious – ask your young person what they think the day might be about. If they could use some reframing this would be a great opportunity.

Share Stories – we’ve learnt that the boys really relate to the stories we share. If you have a story from your lived experience as a teenager (good, bad, sad or mad) it is an awesome chance for them to potentially share as well.

Access to Different Adults – frame the workshop as a chance to hang out with friends and have deep chats they might not have otherwise. It’s a unique opportunity to talk about stuff they care about without the pressure of talking to close adults.

Reminisce and Excite – if they’ve been to a TMC workshop before, remind them of the good times they had. Talk about how this could be another chance to have just as much fun or dive into new, interesting topics. If they’re feeling a bit nervous, reassure them that it’s totally normal and it is always challenge by choice.

Day of the workshop…

Challenge by Choice –  we just want your child to be himself. If he feels unsure, reassure him that he won’t be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to. It’s all about comfort and choice. He can turn up however he wants, and it will be welcome.

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