Welcome back Parents & Guardians!

If you’re on this page, it’s because your child has just experienced a workshop in The Man Cave! We really hope their experience was a positive and empowering one and now we want to set you up for success to support them.

How can I support my boy after the program?

We suggest going gently with your son after the program. It’s likely he will take a few days to make sense of and integrate the experience with us. Keep in mind the following:

​• Ask simple, open-ended questions, be curious but don’t push him too much

• ​​Give him time and space to share

• ​Understand he is now shifting his relationships to his peers. Don’t take it the wrong way if he doesn’t want to share with you

​​• Knowing he can talk with you about anything, without ramifications (psychological safety), will be plenty for him, for now​

How can I continue the work of The Man Cave at home?

We have some resources available that take you through the step-by-step process of running a Check-In, a Clearing and an Honouring. It is likely that the boys used at least two of these tools during their Man Cave workshop. As well as the videos below, these come with individual written guides that you’re welcome to download.

Check-In Guide

Check-ins are a great way to connect with mates and strengthen our emotional muscles. This tool can be used as a reminder on how to check-in with others!

View our Check-In Guide Here

Honouring/Shout-Out Guide

An honouring is an opportunity to shout out and acknowledge someone for the amazing qualities and value they bring into your life, check out this guide for a how-to!

View our Honouring/Shout-Out Guide Here

How can I learn more about Man Cave?

Man Cave offers a range of products, resources and services for young people and adults.

Working With Boys – Professional Development

Working With Boys is a new self-paced online professional development program that equips educators with the mindsets and tools to engage teenage boys in a healthy manner.
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Transform – School Consulting

Transform is a new, whole-school wellbeing consulting program, co-created by Man Cave and The Rites of Passage Institute (ROPI). It is designed to improve students’ social emotional skills, attitudes, behaviours and academic performance, for the benefit of the whole community.
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Keynote Address – For Staff & Parents

In this 60-minute, face-to-face keynote, parents and educators will learn more about the challenges young men are facing and receive actionable takeaways to improve relationships. Learn more by booking a meeting with our Programs Team.

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